RePoint Insights

Instant feedback of critical areas within your Office365

RePoint Insights gather data from different sources and services in Office365. This solution is perfect for companies that value their security and policies.

You get instant feedback on potential breaches our your policies, meaning that a employee with a forward on their mail to an unknown destination would get addressed.

The solution can be set up to many different scenarios depending on your needs.

One overview

That can be expanded depending on your needs


Data from Office365 in one place. It will gather audit-logs across 365 which enables you to have a full overview on security risks.
You can react faster on possible risks and threats before the the accident happens.

Setup is based in best practices from Microsoft.

The solution will also gather data from different sources and services in Office365, whereas you as a company is most vulnerable. The system will show you the issues and guide you on how to resolve the issues with recommendations etc.

A key feature also includes active surveillance on e-mail forwards, administrative roles, deleted mails, multi-factor logins and licenses.

You'll be able to download reports to further analyze which areas and activities to work on.

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