RePoint Project

All-in-one solution for projects in Groups, Teams and SharePoint.

A complete solution for project management. RePoint Project makes it easy and simple to work structured with projects in SharePoint and Office365.

Based on pre-defined templates and structure, every projects starts in a structured way, tailored for your company.

We help your pre-define all your folders and templates, so you get a good start!

Key Features

Endless customization at your fingertips!

- Tailored your workflows
No matter if it is Projects, Work areas or Routine tasks.

- Structure and overview
User-friendly overview for all employees.

- Templates
With the option to build your own templates and follow company policies.

- External users
Invite external users with limited access to ensure maximum security and transparency.

-Continuous updates
Our solution is updated regularly to from the feedback we get from you!
If something is missing or could be improved, let us know.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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