We see our customers use the module for:

Quick update of signature
If new colors, logo, image or text need to be added, this only needs to be updated in one place, and can be done by employees without an IT background.

Highlight new products
With Campaigns module, you can easily and simply upload a banner with advertising for new products, and add it to employees’ emails.

Planning campaigns
In the Campaigns module, you can plan ahead, thereby ensuring that it is the right banner displayed. at the right time.

Daniel Olsen
RePoint Account Manager

RePoint Signature

An easy and fast way to ensure consistent email signatures across the organization with built-in campaign module.


Design corporate email signatures easily and quickly. Choose which people should have the signature. Upload images and retrieve user information from Office 365. Set font, color, setup and possibly. disclaimer.The signature is automatically added to Office 365 Outlook and can be easily imported into email clients and mobile devices.

RePoint Campaigns

With the marketing module as an add-on, the company has the opportunity to attach banners easily and quickly. On the administration portal, a banner image can be uploaded, people selected and the period of the campaign. All e-mails sent are stamped with the banner image. Simple and easy!

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Get the best from Microsoft cloud services

RePoint Signature is a 100% cloud based solution that uses features from SharePoint Online, Exchange Online and Azure Functions, to ensure a stable and future-proof solution.

Support and development

RePoint Signature is handled on a monthly basis as an ongoing update subscription, where you are guaranteed continuous extensions of functionality as well as adaptation to changes in Microsoft's cloud services.


Full control

Manage all Office 365 and Microsoft 365 signatures, disclaimers, and campaigns through a single email signature management solution. Choose the signature mode that best suits your organization's needs.


Give users more control over their email signature, by displaying the signature in a draft before sending it off. Create signature templates, make them available to select users, and let those users choose which signature template to add when writing emails in Outlook.


There are no restrictions on which client is used and the module is available on almost all phones.


Logos, banners, social media buttons and other graphic elements are supported by RePoint Signature. It not only makes the organization's image professional, but also opens up for more initiatives such as. email marketing.

Azure AD support

It is possible to use variables in the templates, which are based on your AD database. That means less maintenance and more personalization.


With RePoint Signature, you are guaranteed that the signature will also come when you reply or forward mails. You can decide for yourself the signature should be different in these cases.


Plan your campaigns in advance through Campaigns. This ensures that the campaigns are always updated with all users in their signature. be a Christmas banner that is activated for 2 weeks, after which it is transferred to a January banner / campaign.


Customize your campaigns with text, logo, graphic material, buttons, etc. These campaigns are stamped at the bottom of all sent emails.


Links can be made to services such as booking the employee directly in the calendar. It allows the recipient to book a meeting, encourage more meetings and thereby promote your services and products, in an easy and user-friendly method.

How to get started



We set up the module with you, in your environment through a service account.


We configure the module in collaboration with you, so we ensure that you are completely satisfied from the start.


We hand over the module and you are ready to start.