RePoint Template Center

Tired of the company running different versions of documents?

Control and flexibility in the same solution.

RePoint Template Center is a solution where the company can take control of the administration of all document templates, without the users having the hassle of keeping up to date and making sure to find the latest updated templates.

Many features in one solution

Key Features

- Via a central template area on SharePoint, all company templates are created and maintained.

- The templates can then be assigned to categories that go across all groups and document libraries.

- The templates are easily accessible from the menu in all document libraries.

- Via security groups and Office 365 groups, the rights can be controlled on each individual template, and thereby control which templates the individual user sees.

- In the relevant workspaces in SharePoint and Groups, users access the templates categorized for this.

- Users can find the desired templates via search, and decide whether they want to see all templates, or only those that are targeted to the user.

What do our customers use the RePoint Template Center for?


Location-divided templates

By using the target group functionality, you can divide the company’s templates by location / language, thereby making it easy and simple for employees to choose the right template.


Version control

With version control, the company has full control over which version is released to users. The owner of a template can thus work on the template directly from the template library, without the users being able to see the changes. When the new template is ready, the owner releases that version to users.


Search functionality
In companies with many document templates, search functionality strengthens productivity, as templates can be quickly searched. The user thus avoids having to spend precious time looking through a long list of templates.


Keep the user focused
With the RePoint Template Center, the company achieves central control of all templates, while users only need to focus on accessing the updated templates in their work areas.


Why choose Repoint Template Center?
The RePoint Template Center is developed for SharePoint Modern, and is based on best practices from Microsoft. This ensures easy implementation and a good user experience in both desktops, online and across devices!