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At extri:co we understand the challenge faced by IT departments to be the link between the business and the expectations of users on the one hand, and consideration of existing IT systems, security and financial restrictions on the other.

Our consultants have up-to-date certification and lots of practical experience and sound business understanding. Our focus is on providing consultation, system design, implementation and operation of IT infrastructure solutions.



Trying to cover all areas in an IT department requires a great deal of resources which is seldom possible. extri:co has considerable experience in assisting IT departments in the areas where it makes sense.

We often help within these areas:

  • 2nd level support for IT departments and superusers
  • Office 365, Azure and SharePoint setup, configuration and development
  • Onsite consultation
  • Technical sparring with the IT department
  • Implementation and setup of hardware/software


Regardless of which IT setup you have, it’s important that it always performs well and is available for users. Every day, extri:co helps a wide range of private and public IT organizations to deliver stable operation for thousands of users in Europe, America and Asia.

It doesn’t matter whether your IT setup is located onsite, housed or hosted by us or somewhere completely different. We take responsibility for its operation and provide support on all fronts.

Operating agreements

We offer fixed agreements where we take responsibility for the operation of all or just parts of your IT infrastructure. Monitoring, operations control, updates, onsite, 24/7 support, backup etc… We cover the whole range!

SharePoint operations support

We are one of the leading specialists in Denmark when it comes to SharePoint infrastructure, currently supporting stable operation for over 20,000 end users via operating agreements for public and private IT organizations!

Flexible operations support

Many large organizations take care of operation themselves, but may need ongoing help with major changes. We can help on all fronts and if it falls outside our area of expertise, we know someone who can help!

 “It’s extremely important that our system works 24/7. And it does!!”

Lise-Lotte Traumer
Corporate Administration Manager, A2SEA A/S


We offer qualified and impartial IT advice based on your company’s specific business needs
Strategic IT consultation

The IT department must support the needs of the business and guarantee stable operation and relevant business services for users. We help with everything from covering the needs and offering advice about IT architecture through to master plans which form the basis of frameworks for requirements specification and implementation of strategic IT projects.

Technical consultation

extri:co has many years of practical experience offering advice regarding IT infrastructure and development. We have our finger on the pulse with the latest technologies as well as a broad range of technical expertise. If you are faced with specific challenges that you want to solve yourself or you lack the sparring for how to manage new measures, we can help with sound and usable know-how.

IT solution consultation

We are experts in offering advice about how to optimize user routines using intelligent business solutions. extri:co offers both our own proprietary business solutions via SharePoint, as well as providing advice regarding the use of 3rd party solutions. Our focus is on business needs and putting together relevant solutions.



We provide a wide range of hosting services at extri:co and offer both our own hosting and cloud hosting via Microsoft Azure. Regardless of which setup you have or are aiming for, we can help with everything from advice about initial actions and requirements specification through to implementation and management of a new scalable setup.
Hosting at extri:co

Management of your systems on high-performance servers in our data centre with 24/7 online access to data. This enables you to work effectively and focus on what you are good at. This solution is also scalable, e.g. the number of software licences can always be adjusted to match the current number of employees.

Cloud hosting

extri:co offers dedicated advice and sparring for hosting via Microsoft Azure and Office 365. Our consultants have solid experience with platforms and we can be there to support you from the first ideas through to migration, ongoing monitoring and subsequent optimization measures.

Benefits of hosting
  • Save on investments in expensive server equipment and software
  • Save on expenditure relating to the maintenance of hardware/servers
  • Always have access to the latest version of Microsoft software
  • Known fixed monthly costs
  • Minimize the risk of crashes and ensure quick restoration if your luck runs out
  • Ability to scale up and down at short notice

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