Strenghen your employees productivity with our RePoint solutions

We at extri:co have developed a series of Apps and solutions based on our customers needs and what we have seen in the market.

Our solutions and Apps are integrated in your SharePoint or Office365 environment. With our solutions we ensure you that value is created through strong tools for your online workspace without the need of re-development. All solutions are made to be inserted in your system without any hassle.

You can read more about the solutions here – don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

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RePoint Organizer

Minimize your employees ressources spent on saving files, going through endless folders by using the Organizer tool.

All employees will get a ribbon in their Outlook, Excel and Word, whereas they can search and save files directly to SharePoint, Groups and Teams.

Did the employee receive multiple attachments?
No issue – you can select the attachment and set different folders for the saving destination.

RePoint Panorama

A user-friendly search function directly in your SharePoint, with functions as employee search, group search, teams search.

Gives a perfect overview at the workspaces in your Office365.

When a employee, team or group are found, you have the possibility to make actions directly from the solution.

A must have for any company.

RePoint Project

A complete solution for project management. RePoint Project makes it easy and simple to work structured with projects in SharePoint and Office365.

Based in pre-defined templates and structure, every projects starts in a structured way, tailored for your company.

RePoint Template Center

Gain central management of all templates within your company and ensure that all your employees have the most recent document, which is often very critical.

Employees can then focus on their work instead of focusing on finding the most recent document.

RePoint Signature

Design your employees e-mail signatures easily and swift. Choose which employees that the signature is designed for, upload images and gather user-information from Office365, set font size, style and color.

This can also be combined with the campaigns solution, to ensure that all your employees have the most recent signature with an active campaign in it.

RePoint Infoscreen

Data and visual dashboards people actually look at.
Easily share your key data, metrics and KPIs in a customized way. RePoint Infoscreen consists of configurable sites, that runs in loops, updated with information from your own lists, libraries and sites.

Perfect for Power BI, SharePoint lists, Power Points etc.
It is so easy that non-IT personal can manage the tool without any hassle.

RePoint Insights

RePoint Insights gather data from different sources and services in Office365. This solution is perfect for companies that value their security and policies.

You get instant feedback on potential breaches our your policies, meaning that a employee with a forward on their mail to an unknown destination would get addressed.

The solution can be set up to many different scenarios depending on your needs.

RePoint Anniversaries

Show on your intranet who has birthdays, anniversaries and much more. 

Set up on your intranet so that employees can see who has a birthday, anniversaries, etc., with the option to combine the views. There are several options so you can ensure that it fits exactly to your intranet. 

The feature also supports secondary color theme in WebPart sections. 

Built-in function for displaying anniversaries and birthdays before and after the weekend, so no employees are forgotten! 

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