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Get intelligent IT solutions that are tailored to your business without having to reorganize your entire IT infrastructure. extri:co’s solutions can be adapted for any type of business and can connect everything you need: apps, data, mobile devices, hardware, networks and new and old solutions.

We make it possible to create hybrid connections between your existing solutions and new cloud-based solutions, so you can focus on your business instead of operation.

More than 11,000 end users now use our solutions in Europe, America and Asia.


Document management

Many employees spend a large part of each day working with documents. A lot of time is often wasted searching for the right documents across unorganized file drives, local folders, emails, etc.

Optimize your business document management with a flexible solution from extri:co. Our consultants have many years of experience in building document management solutions for medium-sized and large organizations. This experience puts us in a position to translate business needs into concrete, workable solutions.

  • Document management internal and external
  • Quality control
  • Project documentation
  • Contract management
  • Image databases
  • Archive solutions
  • SharePoint and Office 365
  • Workflows and Enterprise search
  • Metadata and taxonomy
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Delve
  • File shares

 “We chose extri:co and RePoint because they could offer the solution we needed and because they had a wide range of customized modules that suited our needs”

Lise-Lotte Traumer, Corporate Administration Manager, A2SEA A/S


Project management

Achieve an overview and control of your business projects and tasks across the organization. We get the best out of Microsoft collaboration tools and ensure that the right tools are brought into play for the different usage scenarios which need supporting.

Handling of major customer projects, management of external suppliers, internal business projects or just optimization of task scheduling. Our solutions cover everything and at the same time support our well-defined delivery processes to ensure that all aspects of a solution can be managed without breaking your budget.

  • Project portals
  • Predefined structure and phase control
  • Task scheduling
  • Management of external users
  • SharePoint
  • RePoint Project
  • Office Groups and Planner
  • Teams


There are ever greater demands on companies to increase productivity and be at the forefront of development.

This makes it necessary to provide business services which support users to be effective regardless of time, work unit and location.

  • Self-service portals for employees
  • Extranet and customer portals
  • Forms and workflows to automate routine tasks
  • Mobile access to business services
  • Chat, voice calls and video conferencing
  • SharePoint and Office 365
  • RePoint Apps
  • Microsoft Flow
  • Teams
  • Enterprise Mobility


Get the right tools to ensure effective communication with internal and external users.

With Microsoft and extri:co’s portfolio of communication tools, we are able to put together optimum solutions so you have the best possible basis to manage and target your business communications.

  • Intranet
  • Targeted news services
  • Email and calendars
  • Chat, voice calls and video conferencing
  • Social networks for business
  • SharePoint and Office 365
  • Skype for Business
  • RePoint Intranet
  • Yammer
  • Exchange
RePoint News Flexible news module with targeted news and searchable archive.
RePoint Employees Employee overview which displays birthdays, anniversaries and new employees.
RePoint Design Responsive design template, quick links and built-in bread crumbs for user-friendly navigation.
Skype og Exchange integration Employee search with a quick calendar overview and options for chat or video conferencing.

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